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What's Included
When you purchase a puppy from Northrunnner kennel you can be assured all measures have been taken to make your puppy well adjusted, healthy and ready for his/her new home.

All Northrunner puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, your registration papers will get to you about 6-8 months after purchase date. All puppies are microchipped, tattooing in my opinion is a waste of time and a lot more painful than microchipping. Microchips are a permanent way of identifying your pet that can't be tampered with.

Your puppy with have his/her first set of vaccines and also will have been dewormed at least 3 times. At Northrunner Kennels we stand behind each and every dog we sell that's why we include a 3 year hip and eye guarantee. This guarantee covers any inherited hip and/or eye disorder should it arise before your puppy turns 3 years of age. An added bonus at Northrunner is that all puppies come with 8 weeks of complimentary pet insurance through Pet Plan Insurance(only available for pups sold within Canada). All puppies go home with a Puppy Pack that includes samples of puppy food, information brochures, and coupons.